The kitchen offers typical and traditional local dishes, personally reinterpreted than change every season….

In autumn and winter don’t miss our mushrooms, porcino and “s’antunnu”. Basic ingredients of succulent sauces for cheese ravioli or for fregola, but also served as starters, accompanied by casizzolu cheese or simply roasted, seasoned with olive oil and flavoured with garlic and parsley.

Spring is exaltation of green… Wild fennel and wild asparagus are particularly suitable to various culinary interpretations.

In summer our vegetable garden is very rich: courgettes, aubergines, peppers, beans and many other sun-ripened vegetables without the addition of chemical fertilizers, nor the use of pesticides.


The homonymous agricultural holding Elighes ‘Uttiosos was born with cattle rearing of the Sardo-Modicana breed. Since 2000 the breeders of the Montiferru area joined in a consortium called “Bue Rosso”(that means red ox) the name comes from the red mantle of the cattle. The consortium created a procedural guideline on breeding, which leads to the protection and enhancement of the race that lives in the wild, feeding on green pastures that confer an intense taste to the meat. As all the members of the consortium, we respect faithfully the disciplinary, thus being able to offer our guests the excellence of the products.

In addition to cattle rearing also pig farming. We usually serve suckling pig, roasted as Sardinian tradition dictates, but also stewed, flavoured with mountain herbs. Furthermore, cured meat: ham, cheek lard, coppa, sausage, salami and lard… the starters of every meal!

In the last 2 years we have integrated other activities, and we improvised as goat breeders…. Initially with a few animals … Now our flock has increased, also goat meat is often on our tables!


Sardo-Modicana cows, grazing in the wild, produce a milk that gives us a special cheese “Su casizzolu “. Pleasant at the end of the meal, both fresh and seasoned, accompanied with vegetables or as main ingredients of “sos ruiolos” a dessert of our family tradition that was one of Nonna Giovannantonia’s battle horses…

Testing and re-testing we also learned to process goat milk, obtaining a slightly spicy cheese, perfect if combined with pears or figs!