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Our farm is located among the peaks of Montiferru at almost 900 meters a.s.l. in locality BiaJosso, an agricultural area in Santu Lussurgiu territory (province of Oristano) and it’s about 20 minutes far from the village.

The proximity to the beaches of “Santa Caterina di Pittinnuri” and “S’Archittu”, places of great naturalistic interest, make Elighes Uttiosos the ideal destination for people who loves to spend pleasant days by the sea but prefers to rest in the cool of the mountain, in the shade of century-old oaks.


Google recommends to follow the road that from santa caterina di pittinurri climbs to our farm. GO THAT ROUTE ONLY IF YOU TRAVEL WITH A VEHICLE SUITABLE FOR AN OFF-ROAD ROUTE.

To get there you have to take the provincial road 6 towards Bonarcado, about 2 km from the Santu Lussurgiu exit, find a bridge, turn right on a road of agricultural penetration that will take you, after about 8 km, to our farm. The road is mostly paved, just a few kilometers of dirt road that you will find at the end of the route. Once you get to the highest point, keep going down for a few hundred meters and to the right you will find a gray gate, welcome!