The Farmhouse Camping Elighes ‘Uttiosos is located on the peaks of the Montiferru, at 8 km from the village of Santu Lussurgiu, almost 900 m above sea level. It takes its name from a near freshwater spring source, whose water gushes out from the roots of a secular oak tree.

It is easy to reach driving through a country road that from the highest peaks descends toward the sea (Santa Caterina di Pittinuri) in a scenic route between hairpin turns and holm oak woods.

Immersed in the green and hidden among the secular holm oak trees, the structure is composed of a main body, which hosts the dining area and the kitchen and another building in the centre of the green area, which hosts the toilet facilities of the Farmhouse Camping.

The structure was completed in 2007, the actual construction is nothing more than the extension of a small country house owned by the family Caratzu which still manages the Farmhouse Camping.