About us

Family, respect for nature and love for animals.

We are the Caratzu tribe (this is the way our mother Maria Lucia loves to call us). Our grandfather Antonangelo has inherited a part of these lands and bought other land handing us down this unspoilt heritage that has become our greatest treasure. He was the first to impart us the love for “Su Monte”, as we call it in our family, working with passion and moved by every sunset and every dawn…

We should share beautiful things

Staring from this heritage, our father Nanni had the intuition of the Farmhouse business, and so thanks to funds from a Regional Operational Programme and his tenacity, in 2007 we started this adventure.

Each component of our family performs a well-defined task that we chose over the years according to our personal attitudes… So, Angela and Mamma Maria Lucia are mainly in the kitchen, even if Mamma Maria Lucia loves staying with guests…. Or in the garden taking care of her flowers…. In short, she often flees and does not return…

Babbo Nanni and Salvatore are the wizards of the barbecue… among disagreements they always end up getting great results!

Marilena arrives for great occasions from Milan, where she lives, she is the perfect head waiter and work organizer. Daniele, because of his introverted character (there must be a shy person in the family), remains in the background, he helps in the kitchen in the preparation of dishes and he is always available for every need.

Working in a place like this makes you happy and proud.